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Thread: Free New Balance Shoes (Well, sort of, you have to send them back) as a shoe tester

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    Free New Balance Shoes (Well, sort of, you have to send them back) as a shoe tester

    About three years ago I signed up to be a shoe tester
    for New Balance.
    Since then I have received at least two dozen pairs of shoes
    to wear test for them. I average a pair a month or so and it
    seems as if I hardly ever have to wear my own shoes any more.

    What happens is they send me (by UPS) a pair to wear (I usually get
    to pick the type I want to test) and i get to use them for
    about 4 weeks average, sometimes six weeks.
    Occasionally they send a pair without my even having requested them.
    The shoe designers will pick you to send a pair to if they think
    you are the right person to test their particular style.
    Never complain about that!! (Guess why I say that)
    But you can tell them what you do not like about the shoes in the comment section
    Just be reasonable and keep your comments related to the fit, comfort and wear of the shoes.

    I waited about six months before I received my first pair to try
    the first time. I think it is important to visit their site and check
    if you have been selected to try shoes about once a week
    to show you are interested.

    Also I think they don't really test shoes in every size but tend to limit
    the sizes for testing. I wear Size 9.5 in the New Balance Brand.
    It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not assume or guess your size
    for New Balance or any brand shoe. You need to go to a shoe store and
    try on each brand to find the size in that brand that fits you correctly.
    I wear 9.5 in New Balance but I have to wear size 10 for Nike.
    I think 9.5 is the main size they use for testing.
    So try on New Balance shoes to find the correct size for you before you sign up.
    You do not want to embarrass yourself by explaining you asked for the wrong size.
    You will never get another pair sent to you, most likely.
    You will receive a pair that can be anything from a prototype to an advanced version
    that is ready for marketing.

    Make sure you wear them on as many different surfaces as possible when you go out.
    I mean concrete, asphalt, leaf, grass, sand, wood chips and dirt trails.
    I even walk through muddy soil and kick up leaves and stuff with them.
    have fun treating them rough.
    Some of the pairs I sent back looked like they went through a war but most
    still look almost brand new. I am pretty sure they prefer testers who really wear
    the shoes so get them dirty and worn.

    It is also important that you return the shoes promptly after the test is over.
    You are responsible for them and they are not your property but are
    considered product samples and are covered by a non disclosure agreement as well.
    I am sometimes 5 days to a week late in returning them (If I really like wearing them) and
    so far I only received one complaint about that but don't count on that, send them back ASAP.

    Get familiar with shoe parts terminology and with terms like overpronation and underpronation.
    Make sure you do the initial report and the final report by the date requested.
    They do not like lateness with them!!
    You receive a prepaid UPS label to send them back so make sure you
    put the return label over the label they used to send to you immediately
    (so you don't lose it) and take them to the UPS store when you have to send them back.

    You might be surprised to learn that the shoes you send back are cut up into over 100 separate pieces
    for examination and wear analysis of the parts and joints. They are very closely scrutinized.
    The funny thing is I can still remember the first pair I was sent. How I wish I could have a pile of them as
    they were a dream to walk in. They were a very basic prototype and moccasin style. But I have had so many
    nice ones since then and really enjoy going out with new shoes all the time.
    I can grind a $200 pair of shoes in the dirt and not have to worry about it.

    Well, that's all I can think of that seems important now.
    so sign up and see if you get lucky enough to become a shoe tester.

    Oh more than one person in the family can sign up!

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    Thanks, I'll give it a go.
    ...( =';'= )

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