i am looking for a cheap 48x cdrw writer and two 128 mb sdram, either PC100 or PC133, for my HP Pavilion 6535 computer.

I posted following message under "OfficeMax ad sneak preview eff: 1/26" thread in Hotdeals forum. any suggestions will be appreciated. I am new here so, if i am supposed to link an existing thread/messages here instead of cut/paste, I am sorry for that.

i found some interesting items like, Verbatim 48x12x48 CDRW Drive (item # VBT481248A), $19.99 after $ 30 MIR from this week in-store specials (Lynchburg or Harrisonburg, VA). but i couldn't place an order of it on line (the item not found by search). other items there (see below) were ok.

is there any way to use 20 off 100 coupon for these in-store special items? or is there any coupon for odering them?

my initial idea was as follows,

Verbatim 48x12x48 CDRW Drive (item # VBT481248A) 49.99
Kingston DC133MHz 128MB Memory (KVR-PC133/128) 17.99x2
Belkin Components Double Sided Copy Clip (F8E665) 3.00
Belkin Components Waverest Gel Mousepad (F8E262-BLK) 6.00
Belkin Components Canned Air 12 oz. (F8E412) 6.00
total 100.97
coupon -20
*MIR -55
Final cost $25.97 shipped
* only one rebate for kingston 128 mb memory