Might be a kited list price, but it's impressive:

Captivision Linky $49.95 - $49.95 URL=http://cache.techdepot.com/comassets/MfgCoupons/2721.pdf]Rebate[/URL] = FREE, Shipping 6.50

Here's a description of the product:
CaptiVision 2.0 from NetGUI is designed for digital camera owners who take many photos and need to share them with family, friends, or colleagues. CaptiVision allows for the simple creation of digital photo albums utilizing the power of Flash®, while adding the depth of audio track backgrounds, voice narration, and high-speed Internet and email streaming.
CaptiVision publishes digital photo albums to your hard disc for local previewing, CD duplication, or direct delivery via email or other Web hosting services, or to the NetGUI network of Internet servers for reliable and fast email delivery to the recipient and viewer.

Says 102 in stock, let's see how long it takes to SPOOFEE 'em!:D