Escape Room - Mysteries of Egypt
This game is a VR escape game.
Solve the mysteries in each stage and uncover the hidden truth.
Archaeology has never been more challenging!
Find yourselves locked in an ancient Egyptian tomb with puzzles and surprises that can lead to your freedom.
Pay attention to what surrounds you and find the solution to the puzzles!

Long Live The Cube
Put your thinking skills to the test in this challenging puzzle game. Seated or standing, guide your Cube by clearing obstacles.

ZomB Run
In this endless VR Runner, take control of Max Redemption, Zombie Annihilator; final survivor of a crack team of finishers of the undead. In VR use full body motion to steer our protagonist through the English landscape of fiendish foes. Duck run and jump and swing your fists to knock down the ghoulish corpses of the undead. How long will you travel before taking vacancy among the dead?