LunarSight is a specialist app for Moon enthusiasts. It gives you access to Moon phase, orbital and positional data for any date and location on the earth.

Select any date, time and location on earth.
Current phase render.
Rise & Set times.
Altitude, illumination, azimuth, age and distance.
Phase stripe shows the entire moon cycle with selectable phases.
Accurate moon data tab with rise, transit and set times, altitude, azimuth, distance, phase angle, apogee, perigee, ascending node, descending node, right ascension, declination, ecliptic longitud and latitude, angular diameter and parallax.
Accurate ephemeris generation for the selected month and location.
Month calendar showing the moon phase and illuminated fraction for each day.
Astrological wheel chart shourlhasbeenblocked & sun current constellations.
Phase & calendar widgets.