Amazon has a nice deal on the ReplayTV RTV5040 40-Hour Digital Video Recorder.

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Price: $228.94 - $100 MIR - $10 Coupon = $118.94

Coupon Code: $10 off $75 or more - MAPAMEXCARDS

[list]40-hour digital video recorder[/list:u][list]Pause live-action TV shows[/list:u][list]High-quality slow-motion and fast forward effects[/list:u][list]Networking ability lets you send programs to other 5000 Series users[/list:u][list]Skip past annoying ads with Commercial Advance feature[/list:u]

Special Shipping Information: This item normally requires a shipping charge, but is eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping today.

Please Note: Activation of this product requires payment of either a $9.95 monthly service fee or a $250 one-time service activation fee.