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Dermoplast is the the #1 Doctor Recommended Brand trusted for over 50 years by hospitals and moms, and now we've come out with a new first aid spray just for kids! Spray on fast pain relief with Dermoplast Kids Sting-Free First Aid Spray. This antiseptic spray and topical analgesic offers fast pain relief and protection for minor scrapes, cuts and burns in a sting-free formula. This spray kills 99% of germs to help prevent infection. No-touch application makes this skin care spray ideal in your first aid supplies for kids ages 2 and up.

Key benefits of Dermoplast Kids First Aid Spray include:

Sting-free first aid spray provides fast pain relief and helps protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns against infection
Benzocaine provides pain relief, benzethonium chloride provides and aloe soothes skin
Anesthetic spray provides comforting relief on contact and kills 99% of germs to prevent infection
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