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The Dell C/Port Docking Station provides a fast and easy way to integrate a Latitude C Series computer into your desktop environment. You can attach external devices such as a keyboard, mouse, printer, network connection, and monitor to the back of the C/Pock, and then attach the computer. When you wish to travel with the computer, you merely undock the computer instead of disconnecting all the external device cables. Docking is equally simple. This product provides additional security, support for systems management, and maintains forward and backward compatibility with all Latitude C-Family notebooks.
This item will work on : Latitude CP, CPi, CPi A, CPi R, CPt C, CPx HCPx J, CSx H, CSx R, C600, C800


Monitor Port
25 pin Parallel Port
9 pin Serial Port
2 PS/2 Ports for keyboard/mouse
2 USB Ports
Audio Plug-in
Network PortRJ45 10/100-Mbps BASE-TX 3Com Ethernet network interface controller
Has a infrared port for wireless connection with other infrared-equipped devices, compatible with the IrDA
Standards 1.1 (Fast IR) and 1.0 (Slow IR).
Card Locking mechanism
Works with Dell Latitude CP and CPI Family Laptops