Phantasy Star Collection for the GBA is for sale at Amazon for $19.99, with free shipping! This is a must get for you Phantasy Star fans!

Here is a snippet of a review posted on Amazon:
Many of you may have played Phantasy Star Online, but not the original games that these worlds are based upon. Those in your 30's or late 20's need not read further...they are here, pick this cart up! For those not in the know, Phantasy Star was Sega's answer to the RPG, and it was great. Released way back when the Master System went head to head with the Juggernaut that was Nintendo's NES, Phantasy Star pushed the 8 bit realm to it's limits. With 3D dungeons, sharp graphics, and a great story, it was one of the 8 bit era's greatest games...too bad few got to play it, as most people were playing Zelda and Dragon Warrior on their NES. The conversion seems terrific, and it holds up quite well in the modern world of RPG's, with graphics the only major obstacle. The quest itself is as addicting and involving as ever...where else can you fight through dungeons to get some shortcake

GBA: Phantasy Star Collection - $19.99 + FREE SHIPPING @ Amazon!