One year old, two years old, 5 years old and you can't still make it to the bathroom on time. It's understandable! Mother still smelling ammonia in the air??? Gosh darn it! when you tried to hide the sheets in the hamper! I think it's time to feel better about the situation...that YOU and parents all around the world suffer with. Let's give them something other to talk about than your bedwetting......hey, what about a $1.00 off coupon. I believe this will do it. So, they won't tell the whole wide world anymore about YOUR BEDWETTING PROBLEMS. Just give them this....when they get mad at ya!

And if mom or your dad does tell about your privacy....just remember they are getting older....they might also return to wearing DIAPERS LOL What comes around ....most definitely will effect your mom and dad's bladder. ;) :claps: