This is the new multiformat Pioneer drive from It's pretty much the best DVD burner out there, supporting all formats. Pioneer is known for their good DVD drives. Free shipping.

Few other good DVD burner deals: has the external Pioneer DVR-106D for $325. Comes with media and burning software. Apply coupon "deal-m103h50" to drop the price by $74. The case is a very nice metallic case. Add $9 for shipping.

LiveWarehouse has the Sony DW-U10A multiformat drive for $219 with free shipping. It is also available in black.

Black: has the Pioneer DVR-A05 older Pioneer drive that burns DVD-R for $171. It's a good price, since it's been replaced with the new A06. It's a bare OEM drive, but it is covered under the Pioneer warranty.

That's it for the good drives. There's a few others but they're probably not worth posting.