HP. College people only. First register for their Academic Program (left bar). Then choose Notebooks >Compaq >2100 Series >2100Z Athlon. Minimize price options to reach $700 - 5% Academic Purchase Program discount - 10% off code SV8248 - $100 rebate [Exp 12/1] = $583 with free shipping.

Also check the box for a free USB Floppy w/$50 rebate [Exp 12/1]. You actually save an extra $7 by getting the floppy, since it too qualifies for 15% off. Here's what your cart should look like (no floppy in this cart).

Athlon XP-M 2200+ 1.8GHz, 14.1" XGA, 128MB DDR, 20GB Drive

24x CDROM, 10/100 + 56k, XP Home, Radeon 7000, 1-Year Warranty

Upgrades (w/15% off): XP2400+ $21, 15" $43, 30GB $21, DVDROM $21