Lexmark X125 Color 4 in 1 Multifunction Machine
at http://www001.staples.com/Catalog/Browse/SKU.asp?BCFlag=False&PageType=1&SKU=490803

Cyber Acoustics CA-4100 Surround Sound Speaker System at http://www001.staples.com/Catalog/Browse/SKU.asp?BCFlag=False&PageType=1&SKU=493136

ACCO Economy Paper Clips at http://www001.staples.com/Catalog/Browse/Sku.asp?PageType=1&Sku=75973

The Lexmark Printer is $119.98 and comes with a $25 Gift Card, bringing the price down to $94.98. The Cyber Acoustics Speaker System is $29.94, and comes with a $10 rebate, bringing the price down to $19.94. The ACCO Paper Clips are $0.19. Use coupon code [91523] to take out $30 at checkout. Free shipping.

$94.98 + $19.98 + $0.19 = $115.15 - $30 = $85.15

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