Officemax is selling the Sylvania 2.4 ghz cordless phone (sku #20434665) free after a $10 mail in rebate. It is after a $40 instant savings. This offer to my understanding is not available in all Officemax locations. I think it is only available in the Northern California locations. It was misprinted on the printed ads for $19 after rebate, but the online version of the ad says it's free after rebate. I went to the stores to double check, and they called texas, I think that's where their main headquarters is located at or whatnot and that the printed ad has the incorrect price. Their cash register will most likely have the printed ad price, but if you print out the online version of the ad, they will do a price adjustment for you.

First go here and look on the in store special ad and see if the offer is valid in your area. If it is, it should be on the first page, above the chair advertisement. (it should look like this picture )

Second, call your local Officemax to find out if they still honor the free after rebate price (in case they decide not to do it anymore) and also check if they still have it in stock.

Third, print the ad picture just for reference if they question your integrity at the store.

I bought mine today 8/18 at the San Francisco Officemax at 1750 Harrison Street and they have a ton of them in stock. When I was there, they had 66 in stock.

Good luck with the purchase if you're interested in this product. It works pretty well to me, better than the 900mhz one.

Enjoy your day,