Here in Atlanta, we have a consumer advocate radio program on WBS AM750. His name is Clark Howard. Anyway, he was talking about a bond deal on today's show. Check out his web site:

Government I-bonds offer a good interest rate for short-term investments. I think that the bonds are fully liquid after 1 year, but I'm not 100% sure.

The even better part of the deal is this: you can buy these bonds online using a credit card. If you have a frequent-flier credit card or similar, you can rack up massive payback with this short-term investment (the maximum you can buy in one year is $30,000).

Obviously, this is only a good deal if you
1. Have the cash in CDs, money-market, or savings accounts
2. Need a 1-year investment.

This is the web site:

Expires: Dec 30, 2003