Get ready for school with the coolest supplies on the block! 5 lucky readers will win all of these new tools for school.
JanSport Santa Cruz Sling: the ergonomically correct one-strap sling will fit all of your books and more with less strain on the shoulders. Retail value: $40.
Bic Duo pens (2 black and 2 blue): a pen that turns into a highlighter with one easy twist! Retail value: $4.99 each (total: $19.96).
Crayola Twistables: A 6-pack of markers that twist closed, so you’ll never lose the cap. Retail value $3.99.
Elmer’s Paintastics: A 10-pack of paintbrush pens with self-wicking tips, perfect for projects and won’t make a mess. Retail value: $12.99.
Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder (1 red and 1 blue): This binder-notebook combo comes packed wth lined and graph paper, plus five organizing sleeves. Retail value: $8.99 each, (total: 17.98). Note: Total retail value is $94.92. No purchase necessary.