Sammie's New Mask: A Coloring Book for Friends of Children with Cancer
(Recommended for K - 3rd Grade)
Sammie's New Mask is about a young girl named Sammie and her friend, Jack, who has cancer. This story addresses Sammie's concerns and common misconceptions about cancer. This coloring book is designed for children in kindergarten through third grade.

The Mountain You've Climbed: A Young Adult's Guide to Childhood Cancer Survivorship
(Recommended for Survivors Ages 15 - 24)
This guide is designed to answer questions and address issues related to cancer survivorship for people ages 15 to 24. As survivorship rates continue to increase, the knowledge regarding late-effects also continues to increase. This survivorship guide will answer questions as well as address healthy living styles for your future.

The Mountain You've Climbed: A Parent's Guide to Childhood Cancer Survivorship
This guide is designed to answer parent's questions regarding childhood cancer, address issues related to diagnosis and offer suggestions on how to integrate the cancer experience into all areas of the family's life. It addresses issues beginning from the time of diagnosis through the completion of treatment and beyond. The guide began as a local parent focus group and has circulated to parents and professionals across the country for feedback. Click here for parent's comments.

Friend-O-Meter Ruler
(Recommended for Ages 8 - 18)
The Friend-O-Meter Ruler is a new educational tool for friends and siblings of children with cancer. The N.C.C.S. created the ruler to enhance empathy and provide ideas for supporting the cancer survivor during and after treatment. In order to combat some of the isolation children with cancer face, this ruler encourages positive peer interactions and helps to make the transition back to school smoother.