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Tempt fate with a random shirt!

From the Excess Inventory department, we bring you the ThinkGeek Grab Bag! You'll never know what gem of a shirt you might get when you purchase from the amazing and incredible grab bag!
Really Important Stuff that you should read:
There may be items in the mens grab bag that are not t-shirts. For example, there may be golf shirts, twills, fleeces, etc. in the grab bag from time to time. We have absolutely no control over which shirt you will receive when you order from the grab bag. PLEASE do not request a particular design; we have no way of knowing what designs are in the grab bag at any given time. If you order multiple grab bag shirts, you may get multiples of the same design. Grab bag shirts are available only while supplies last and in whatever sizes we happen to have on hand. We don't know when we may have other sizes available, so just keep checking back. GRAB BAG SHIRTS CANNOT BE RETURNED OR EXCHANGED FOR ANY REASON. Not that you'd actually want to return these - they might be collectors items! You never know...
Whatever it is... it's probably better than woot's box o' crap!

Have fun!