I just signed up today. I have a question or request regarding a "coupon train"
I am trying to locate one to join on-line. For those that do not know how it works....short version...

Everyone interested gets on a mailing list to get rid of their manufacturer coupons that they do not use to get some that they need.

Everyone that is on the train sends out 50 manufacturer coupons (it only takes one 39 cent stamp to mail 50) to a person on their mailing list and that person sends 50 to the person on their mailing list, and so on and so on.

I have tried to get on one on another forum and it has been very difficult because of all their rules and reguirements. I do not mind going through all of the requirements, but it should not take this long to get on a train!

I would like to take advantage of my coupon savings as soon as possible.

If we do not have this on spoofee...does someone know a forum that I can join. Thanks everybody for their time. I am hoping that spoofee turns out to be a better experience than the last forum I joined.