We’re sure your child has had imaginative adventures with toys in his room. Does your child create imaginary worlds with building blocks, make best friends with dolls, bring vehicles to life or even make out-of-this world creatures with magnets? The “Creativity in the Toy Room” Story Contest invites you to share favorite stories!

Simply visit the Toy Room Review and explore the toys in the room. Then choose one of the toys your child has played with and share a story that your child has created with that toy. You can ask your child to tell you a story as she plays, or watch her act one out as she plays with the toy.

Submit the short story (500 words or less) and a picture of your child in action for a chance to win one of three collections of Magtastik toys! Magtastik products allow your child to build structures and characters to have wonderful adventures with. While building with these colorful, magnetic pieces is great fun, creating stories with them after they’re built may be even more fascinating.
Link to contest