Now offering Organic Superfoods & Products

At Ashtanga Yoga of New Paltz we strongly believe that diet affects not only our yoga practice but all facets of life, after all, it is one of the only things that everyone does every day.

We have researched and sourced the best and purest organic products on the market today; products that we use ourselves on a regular basis, products that are truly ALIVE, never heated or processed in any way.

We are happy to finally be able to offer these specialty products to you at affordable rates.

Whatever your diet may be, by simply incorporating more real food, full of the anti-oxidants, minerals, and enzymes that nature intended, you will not only be helping your own health but also the health of the planet by keeping the land free of pesticides and our food free of unnecessary heat, genetic modification and irradiation.

See all items below and please call or email for a free sample: