Start off fall with a fun CK Scavenger Hunt! Tell us where on our web site you found the following items, and you'll be entered to win a fun CK goodie bag, full of supplies for your autumn scrapbooking. Contest ends Sunday, September 10 at midnight.
1. What three things are used to evaluate a submission for possible publication?

2. Which 2006 online magazine layout has the title "Spring Stampede"?

3. What month and year did Becky's Online Sketch column have the following contributors: Sheryl Highsmith, Lauren Bavin, J.J. Killins, Kelli Dickinson, and Jennifer Hignite?

4. Who designed the "Oh Brother" layout in the March 2005 online issue?

5. Who can you chat with in September?

6. What is Ann Sterner's screen name and when was she featured in the reader's spotlight?

7. When and where is the next CK Convention?

8. What contest was Lisa Bearnson a finalist for in 1998?

9. Who should you contact if you would like to attend the "Scrapping The Night Away" event in Vernon, CT?

10. Who currently writes the Seasonal Solutions column?
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