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Thread: Pet Question de-worming for dogs

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    de-worming for dogs

    I’m a huge animal lover and I was wondering if anyone could help me solve
    my problem…
    I have a dog who’s name is Elvis and a cat who’s name is Princess!
    I’ve discovered that Elvis had worms, (is it possible that he got from other pets???)
    so I want to my vet and he gave him a de-worming medication in a tablet form but he wouldn’t swallow it!!
    I didn’t want to use too much force so I tried wrapping it with some sausage but he some how figured it out!
    please help me!!

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    If the dog is small enough, you hold his mouth open with one hand and push it down his throat with a finger.
    "It's for his own good"
    OR, call the vet and ask for a liquid medication, or ask the vet to give him the pill.

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    What breed is it?

    I usually squeeze the jaws on the side near the base. This causes their mouth to open & in goes that pill. Or grind it & mix it with food....

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    :hmm: You can try these...

    Open his mouth and pop it as far back as you can, then quickly hold his mouth closed so he can't spit it out. Then massage the underside of his jaw/neck to get him to swallow. This may take a couple times until you 'get it down'. make him this near his water bowl and while you have the pill in his mouth and his mouth closed....wet his nose and the end of his snout...this gets them to lick/swallow as well.

    You may also have to 'sneak it into his check' and through his clenched teeth to get it in the back of his mouth.

    Good luck ;)

    *I'd be careful about 'pushing your finger' down his throat as I know what that does to me :o

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    I have been a vet tech for 10 years. The best trick that I can tell you is to try covering the pill in peanut butter and rubbing it on the roof of his mouth.

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    I always wrap my dogs pills in cheese.

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    Sorry, I will be of no help but I wanted to say...It has always amazed me how a dog or cat will eat all around any food or treat and leave nothing but the pill. LOL LOL LOL

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