CompUSA has the Samsung ML-1750 Monochrome Laser Printer (1200x600dpi 17pages per minute) for 124.97$ + tax after rebates.

Mail-in rebates require purchase before September 30th, postmarked by October 30th.

ML-1750 Laser Printer ($224.97)

50$ Mail-in Rebate (Original UPC)

50$ Additional Mail-in Rebate (Copy of UPC)

Also, check with your local CompUSA, if they have it for the same price online, then see if they offer the 20$ Instant Rebate for signing up for a free AOL Trial (No charge to you, and simply cancel the account as soon as you leave the store). This is a great printer, has a very small footprint and a short warm up time. Awesome economical laser printer