Sales tax holiday for new energy-efficient products
A sales tax holiday for new energy-efficient products, as provided by Florida law, will be effective from 12:01 a.m., October 5, 2006, through 11:59 p.m., October 11, 2006. The law provides that no sales tax or discretionary sales surtax (local option sales tax) will be collected on qualifying sales of new energy-efficient products having a sales price of $1,500 or less. A qualifying “energy-efficient product” is defined in the law as only a dishwasher, clothes washer, air conditioner, ceiling fan, incandescent or fluorescent light bulb, dehumidifier, programmable thermostat, or refrigerator that has been designated as meeting or exceeding the federal Energy Star Program energy efficiency requirements and has the Energy Star label affixed to the product or product packaging. (The sales tax exemption applies only to items purchased for noncommercial home or personal use, and does not apply when the product is purchased for trade, business, or resale.)

NOTE: Please see the Tax Information Publication, TIP # 06A01-21, for more information regarding the Sales Tax Holiday for New Energy-Efficient Products