Make Your Own Statement with DKNY JEANS Denim Evolution Jeans
In the December issue of Marie Claire, we feature Manual of Style, a how-to guide filled with tips and tricks for your wardrobe. This month, we show you how to make a statement with your wardrobe from touches of shine to the ever-fashionable tuxedo. Now it's your turnÖ

TELL US: How do you make a statement with fashion?

Send us your tip and a photo of yourself and you'll be entered to win a pair of DKNY JEANS Denim Evolution Jeans!

Itís how you wear your denim that makes it special and unique. This untreated, unwashed, unfinished denim is supposed to fade, whisker, wear, age and break. Thatís the idea. Itís the natural evolution of denim. You can even speed up the wear and tear with sandpaper hangtags that come with each pair.

To learn from this month's Manual of Style, check out the December issue, on newsstands now!

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