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Thread: Below Spoofee Standards

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    Below Spoofee Standards

    Quote Originally Posted by gorgeous81
    Would anyone like to trade their toiletry case for 3 Rhapsody Music Download Codes and 1 5$ Promotional Claim Code? Thanks, let me know, my 2 girls love Cheyenne Kimball! I missed out because my DH was home sick on the computer all day.
    Hey guys I would avoid doing any favors for this member (gorgeous81). I was thrilled to help her out with this request as I had two of the bags so each of her daughters could have one. I didn't need the codes and would be happy to send the bags on the honor system if she would send the postage when they arrived. Of course after I am committed to the transaction I find out that this member was previously on this board as mrspurplebutterfly and I remember she was 'eliminated' due to her numerous viscious posts. But true to my word I send the bags off, never hear~send an email and she claims she had no way to reach me (???suddenly) and would reimburse ASAP. Now almost two weeks since last email no pymt and no communication.

    I apologize if this seems inappropriate~I have just felt that this board is comprised of so many sweet and enjoyable people that I just felt violated trying to be trusting. Thanks for listening. I guess this miserable butterfly never changes her spots....just her member ID........:(

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    This is in reference to this thread.

    Sorry to hear about your experience sweetwinter. I agree that most members of this board are trustworthy to their promises.
    ...( =';'= )

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    Sorry for your bad experience, sweetwinter.:( That is awful for someone to take advantage of another persons' kindness.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune too sweetwinter :( Hopefully no one else here will get scammed by her.

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