Hi, I ordered a Mio Digiwalker 310x GPS Navigation on 12/3/06 for $199.99 on Staples.com yesterday. I inputted my payment info, checked out and received a confirmation #. I was excited thinking I was one of the lucky ones to get through. However, I received a call from Staples on 12/4/06 telling me that this item is out of stock and that they cannot fulfill my order. They told me the confirmation # is only a confirmation that my order was received, not placed. I dont' think this is fair! I feel mislead! Did anyone else have this problem?? If the item was out of stock, then it should have said so in the first place and not allow me to submit my order. The only thing they offered me was a $5 coupon...wtf! They told me to check the website again tomorrow since they will have more in stock and I would have to reorder all over again. I don't understand why they can't just fill my order with the new incoming items...they claim it's because they don't do backorders. Has anyone else had a problem with Staples.com? I'm really frustrated!!! I think they should be obligated to fulfill my order. Is there anything I can do?