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Thread: Problem with Officemax, Epson 925 $50 Rebate

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    Angry Problem with Officemax, Epson 925 $50 Rebate

    Here is the email I sent to Epson CS, and at the bottom is their reply. This is wrong and deserves a fight, I think I will go after them for fraud. I will never buy another Epson product again!!

    I purchased the Epson printer at Officemax, they did not have the rebate forms at the store. I was told by the Officemax sales associate the rebate form on the website would work ok. I submitted all the information required within the time frame specified. I then received a letter from Epson rebate center saying the reabte was invalid because I did not use the rebate form. I have spoken to Epson rebate center and Officemax rebate center, and I cannot get any satisfaction at either place. Epson rebate center says call Officemax rebate center, Officemax rebate center says call Epson rebate center. Epson rebate center says that because the rebate form taken off the website clearly states, "Other retailers may require use of their own in-store coupon, rather than this coupon, to claim Epson rebate" that there is nothing they can do, and Officemax says that they cannot find the rebate form anymore so there is nothing they can do either. How am I as a consumer supposed to know what constitutes "other retailers", and where can the "other retailers" list be found.

    All I would like is my $50 rebate, I purchased the Epson 925 printer, and submitted everything within the required time frame.

    Here is Epson's top notch CS response:

    Thank You very much for your patience.
    Unfortunately at this time, I have no control over the rebate situation. It is up to the Epson Rebate Inquiries to accomodate or deny your request. I would check with Office Max again to see if they can locate more rebate forms.

    If you have any other questions please contact 1-800-277-6187.
    Thank you for choosing Epson.
    Have a Great Day !!


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    that sucks man. Looks like they just don't want to pay up. I would rather bother Oficemax than epson though. Stores might cough it up easier.

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    also, check out this thread about phone no's, etc:

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    Well, here are the OM/epson July rebates:

    They don't have it, even now. All they have is the $75 printer/camera combo rebate. I dug around, it ain't there.

    I'd just start filing claims with BBB, writing reports to officemax and epson corp, and so on, cause this is world class BS. There's no way to know what and how many other retailers have their own specific rebate form. If a rebate specifically says "buy so and so item at BUY.COM" then obviously that rebate form won't work if you buy it at TG and likewise, if a rebate form specifically excludes a given merchant(s) like many logitech ones, you know this and can purchase accordingly. This is just another insane rebate hurdle designed to catch many consumers out, especially since officemax neither hosted the form online nor distributed it in stores. Their rebate form should just have said "not valid for purchases at so and so" and directed one to the retailer specific form, it's not as though epson can't spare the extra webhosting or a freakin' link.

    Also, it says "Other retailers may require use of their own in-store coupon, rather than this coupon, to claim Epson rebate" it does NOT say "Other retailers require use of their own in-store coupon, rather than this coupon, to claim Epson rebate". The addition of the word MAY just makes it more ambigious, confusing, and deceptive.

    I am assuming you've tried contacting [email protected] . Anyway, if there is an OM specific form, it is their responsibility to host it and make it available to consumers in store.

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    I have got no where with anyplace. I guess $50 is gonna break them. I even tried in store, and the manager said there was nothing she could do said that I should call the Officemax rebate center. Who knows what gives.

    I guess I will just chalk it up as experience, and try and score that $50 back from OM some way or another.

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