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Thread: Bestbuy calls 911 on customer asking for refund

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    Post Bestbuy calls 911 on customer asking for refund

    "Best Buy calls 911 after Consumerist reader RJH asks for a refund on a nonworking Tony Bennet CD.

    Sooooo RJH buys the CD and goes to his car to play it. He gets "Disk read error" three times. RJH walks back in with his three minute old album and receipt and asks for a refund.

    The clerk tells him there's state and federal laws against refunding money. Our guy calls him a fool.

    Manager comes and says the guy can have a substitute disk or leave, or else the manager will have him arrested for trespassing.

    Guy laughs.

    Manager calls 911..."

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    This is just as bad as the guy arrested for using $2 bills at Best Buy. I should try it, just for fun!
    ...( =';'= )

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    Quote Originally Posted by spazntwitch View Post
    This is just as bad as the guy arrested for using $2 bills at Best Buy. I should try it, just for fun!
    - "It's a sign that we're all a little nervous in the post-9/11 world."

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    Didn't they all learn to play nice in kindergarten?!?!?!

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    Ok so Best Buy and states that start w/ M= no good. Crap!! Where am I going to use MY BB gift card? :convinced:

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    I had a similar experience w/Wal-mart. I bought a Game Shark for PS2 and it wouldn't work. Took it back and got a replacement and it wouldn't work either. They didn't want to give me my money back, wanted me to get another of the same one. It is 15 miles one way for me to go there.
    I called the manager and explained and they were great about it and I got a full refund on the purchase. Just be careful buying any games or software because of the no refund policies at most stores.

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    I'm not surprised.

    I won't shop there anymore because of their return policies.

    This x-mas I shopped BB (during their first x-mas sale with the 83 pg flyer) for two laptops. All thru the sale, I mentioned the the laptops were x-mas presents.

    The sales guy never mentioned that BB's 'two week return' policy for laptops still applied. Go figure, laptops advertised in the x-mas flyer could not be returned AFTER x-mas (which was 3 wks away.)

    No where in the store (or flyer) was it advertised that their laptop policy was not extended until after x-mas.

    I made it to the front door before the sales guy asked me to wait so he could "confirm the return policy". The store manager came over and was 'bothered' that I was questioning the return policy and was not at all concerned that BB chose not to highlight this limitation for an x-mas gift.

    The computers never left the store.

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