I bought this pot at Sur La Table for $189.99 before tax and now Amazon drops their price bigtime!

So what do I do? I buy another one... :claps:

  • Oval 5 Quart Cocotte for $99.00 (Originally $190.00)

  • Oval 7 Quart Cocotte for $139.99 (Originally $245.00)

  • Round 2 Quart Cocotte for $49.99 (Originally $100.00)

To get to the sale, search for STAUB COCOTTE under HOME AND GARDEN. I tried to post the url but it wouldn't work for me. :worry:

Only valid for Staub Cocottes sold by Amazon!

Use the code CLEAROUT to get $25.00 off $125.00 worth of purchase. Prime members get 2 day shipping free and for people like me (in CA, that is), no tax!

Staub Cast Iron pots from Alsace, France last forever and cook the tenderest meats and dishes. Any serious food buff shouldn't be without one in their kitchen.