Satin Wonders Pillowcase Sweepstakes: Do you sleep on your left side or your right, or flat on your back? Your hairdresser knows. How? By the damage being done to your hair by pillowcases. Satin pillowcases have long been noted to not only protect hair from snags and breaks, but to help maintain a healthy moisture balance, which can be critical for treated hair. They’re also ideal for keeping a salon-done hairstyle longer, which saves you money! Satin Wonders pillowcases are designed to retain silkiness and shape, made with superior 100% trilobal polyester satin that is soft on the hair, yet strong enough to resist pilling. These durable yet pampering pillowcases will not deteriorate through repeated machine washings, and are made without zippers, another source of hair damage. A pillowcase fit for a queen! Five lucky winners will receive Satin Wonders pillowcases, valued at $20 each.
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