Freespire a free operating system or OS (think of Windows type software). It is a fork off of Linspire Linux (formerly known as Lindows ) which is Debian Linux based. It appears to be a way to try to get the Linux & open source community to get more involved in their development process. Ordinarily I wouldn't post this, as I don't see the product I am outlining as a "pure Linux" distro, except for a few good reasons listed below. However, I do see it as a viable option for the problems I was having.

Most notably, there is a version that has lots of proprietary drivers, codecs, etc. that make it very compatible & feature rich "out of the box". They are also allowing a limited version of their "Click-'N-Run Warehouse" which is a conglomeration of other free & open source software, as well as shareware & commercialware & a proprietary installer. In more plain english, it's a place you can go to and look for software & install it fairly easily, usually just a couple clicks.

The biggest reason I posted it is this. I was getting very tired of constantly having to "fix the family computer", because my wife & kids (despite my removing administrator rights from all) kept hosing the OS (read as "breaking the computer"). Those out there who are their family's IT department know what I mean. Suffice it to say, I have installed this in their PC & have not had to fix it for over 6 months (& I had been running AVG Anti-virus Free Edition & had the PC immunized with Spybot Search & Destroy among other things) which is a record in my home. The family was able to adapt to it fairly easily & only mild grumbling when firefox was missing plug-ins for flash and the like. It also has a "windowsish" look & feel & I think that also helped.

I hope this helps someone.

You can download the version with the drivers & codecs I mentioned above by clicking HERE.
This will open the dialog to download the disc image. I recommend you save it somewhere easy to find, like your desktop. You will need to burn the disc image with a program like Nero, Roxio Easy CD Creator, or any number of burning programs.

You can go to the project's homepage by clicking HERE.

If anyone has any further questions feel free to message me & I will try to help (but please be patient).

Happy Spoofing,

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