Dear USA Cycling Member,

USA Cycling is proud to announce its latest valuable membership benefit
exclusive to USA Cycling members.

We have a long history of looking out for the well being of our members
through our many risk management programs and our unparalleled event
insurance. With that in mind, we want to continue to provide benefits
and service to our members on and off the bike.

Through a partnership with Liberty Mutual insurance, USA Cycling
members are now eligible for group discounts on auto, homeowners and renters insurance. These discounts will save you up to 10% off competitive
automobile rates and 5% off competitive homeowners and renter rates.

That can easily save you hundreds of dollars a year for the cost of a
$60 USA Cycling license!

Additionally, Liberty Mutual can offer you an added multi-policy
discount for customers who purchase both auto and home policies.

Rates are guaranteed for 12 months with convenient payment plans,
around-the-clock claims service and 24-hour emergency roadside assistance
for automobile policies. Additional savings are possible based on age,
driving experience and auto equipment.

For a free coverage evaluation and no-obligation quote, members can
call 1-800-524-9400 and tell the representative they are members of USA
Cycling, client #112299.

In 2007, we are working aggressively to develop new membership benefits
in order to provide you with greater value for your membership cost. I
would also like to remind you of the other valuable insurance benefits
we introduced last year such as our 24-hour accident medical insurance
program through Adventure Advocates and our health, dental and vision
plans through Assurant Health.

In the near future, USA Cycling is hoping to add many other
cycling-specific benefits to its membership package for 2007 and beyond. As
competitive cyclists, we understand that the sport of cycling is the common
bond among our members as we look to implement valuable benefits
specific to the sport we love.

To take advantage of USA Cycling group auto, homeowners and renters
insurance rates through Liberty Mutual, click here:, or call 1-800-524-9400
As a reminder, don’t forget to take advantage of additional USA Cycling
group insurance rates. For more information, visit for 24-hour accident medical insurance, or for health, dental and vision plans
– all of which offer exclusive discounts to USA Cycling members.

If you’re a USA Cycling member and have not yet renewed your 2006
license, please consider renewing your license so you can immediately begin
taking advantage of this new membership benefit and the others that USA
Cycling offers.

Yours in Cycling,

Steve Johnson

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