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Thread: Prepaid phone

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    Question Prepaid phone

    I need a prepaid phone. :mobile_ph Any know where to get one for a good deal

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    RE: Prepaid phone

    This is by far the best pre-paid phone deal offered currently, in my opinion anyway. T-Mobile's prepaid service.. Here are my reasons.. Basicly the phone costs less then .10 a minute to use, actually a bit less even, and you never have to worry about roaming or long distance what so ever. Basicly when you buy a phone they give you approx 15 minutes worth of air time.. You can buy a standard nice Nokia phone for $30 at Wal-mart, or even use a RAZR prepaid phone.. Search at walmart for "T-Mobile" to check out some phones.. Amazon also has some deals on T-mobile prepaid phones.

    Basicly, then this is what I did. They offer blocks of minutes like $10 for 30 minutes that only last 30 days, or $25 for 130 minutes that last 90 days. IGNORE these those are crap value's. If you look at it that way, its a crap deal. Ignore those and Just buy 1000 minutes for $100, then its activated for 365days, and you become a 'gold reward member' which when buying $50 or $25 cards give you an extra 15% minutes and extend your phone for another year from that date. Basicly if you figure you get a $40 a month plan x 12 months, thats 480.. or in prepaid minutes 5x100refills = 5000 minutes.. Now given if you use all your minutes and some people need plans.. But for just making 5-10 minute calls, you can get full phone service for $100 a year, and you can buy minutes anytime with your credit card using the phone itself.

    I got one of these for my mother and it has worked out great, she uses it often and so far she used 600 minutes the first year, and bought another $50 this year and that'll cover her for another year.. $150 for 2yrs, u cant beat that.. and again, they offer good phones from $30 to phones like the RAZR.. Even the cheapest phone is at least a nokia with a color screen.

    This is also great for a kid/teenager, if they use all their minutes then just make them wait or buy them themselves..

    Overall $100 a yr for a phone can't be beat at 10 cents a minute, and again, no long distance or roaming charges, or any other hidden charges. You don't even need to provide them with your credit card or anything like that, etc. One thing you lose out on is the free 'nights/weekends'.. but again, if you need a monthly plan then do it, if you dont need all the minutes save a ton and go t-mobile prepaid, so far ive had great service here in the NE..

    Lastly, when I buy something I research like mad, I compared and compared and the T-Mobile prepaid beat out all the others by far.

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    prepaid phone

    On E-bay, under the seller Bargainland, look for a prepaid phone. Saw a couple on there. Hope this helps.

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