Heard on the news this morning that here in MD there is a push for a bill to pass a "Distracted Driver's Law." It would include such activities as no eating and drinking while driving, no cellphone use, no reading, no applying makeup while driving, no petting of pets......just to name a few activities. The stats here in the State were that "eight out of ten accidents were caused by a distracted driver."

Would you vote for, or, against such a law? Does your state have anything similar or debating anything comparable? While I hate to "date myself" I remember years ago when the debate raged on whether or not to make the use of seat belts mandatory!! Glad that one went into law! I have seen some really bizarre activities being carried out on the road while driving. The one that left me scratching my head was a young woman doing her PEDICURE up on the dash while driving up I95 at sixty five miles an hour. :worry: I have trouble walking, and, chewing gum at the same time. :(