Faux Finish Wallpaper That Is Easier Than Paint. Just Rip, Dip and Apply! If you can tear paper, you can decorate your walls with this unusual, affordable faux finish Wallpaper. PaperIllusion® gives you the look of an expensive, handcrafted faux marble or stone finish, but at a fraction of the price. And best of all, you can do it yourself! PaperIllusion® gives you a unique, torn-paper look that is as easy as it is elegant-you don’t need any messy paints, pricey tools or costly contractors. A PaperIllusion® box contains 85 square feet of paper, or enough to do a 8-by-10 foot wall. PaperIllusion® is also easy to remove: Simply moisten with warm water, repeating until the pieces peel off.

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