Free Samples Available:
We encourage all prospects to request FREE samples for testing and evaluating our products prior to placing an order. Having actual samples allows you to evaluate the product appearance, confirm the adhesion is suitable, test the tamper evident feature and perform other performance-related tests.

When you request samples, please provide specific information about your intended application -- this helps us to provide you the most relevant samples. Some of our products can be used in a variety of applications, so if we know your intended application we can send multiple sample candidates.

Also, state the specific product sample you need (stock hologram stickers, custom holograms, security tape, lamination pouches, ID badges, parking permits, decal, holographic foils, etc).

Our standard hologram sample packet includes stock hologram images on polyester film and stock hologram stickers which are custom imprinted with NovaVision’s company name. For other products, we customize the sample packet based on your specific request.

Samples for Education Projects, Science Fairs, etc - we do not provide samples for these types of projects. Click here for information on how to find representative samples for these type of projects.

Hologram samples for Commercial Printers (Click for information)

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We work hard to get back to everyone by the next business day.