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Thread: Professor with a sense of humor

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    Post Professor with a sense of humor

    I would've liked to have a professor that graded my papers this way

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    That's just too funny!

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    Prof is a sick puppy

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    I had the good fortune (sometimes not so good!) of teaching on a College level for about six years. You would be amazed at the stuff students will actually put on a test paper or in a blue book! Being in Science, it can be more challenging to devise a fair and challenging exam. This one morning, I gave out the exam, and, within minutes a young man came up to me and handed it back in.....BLANK! I said to him "Do you know that I will have to give you a grade of zero, wouldn't you like to at least take a few guesses?" To which he calmly replied "Ma'am, I guess I just failed your course!" and he walked out!!!!!

    Had a good friend who was from England and taught Shakespeare. His exams were of course essay in format. After many a year of let's say "unique" answers, Mark had a rubber stamp made up which stated "What affable twaddle!" and that is what he would stamp over a studen'ts answer! Got tired of trying to rewrite or correct it all!

    One of the most interesting answers ever written down on my exam was from a graduate student who, indeed finished the exam, but, wrote "Hate to tell you but this exam sucked ass!" After chuckling to myself, then grading his test, I merely wrote in response "Yeah, maybe, but your score sucks more!" Never got so much pleasure out of giving a student a 53 grade!! College Professors.......a most unusal lot!

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    That is awesome!!!!!

    I had some interesting Prof's in my college career for sure.......
    but there was one that I became good friends with. In my last quarter before graduation I had to take one more law class and I made sure I signed up for the one he taught. He was real easy to learn from and was not boring. This class was a 8 AM on Saturday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Granted I had just accepted a full time HR job - so it had to be this one)
    He would razz me as I dragged my butt in a 7:59:57. I didnt even buy the book for the course because it's not like I would read it again.....and he let me borrow an extra of his.......this is something he would have done to one of my papers - but I passed with a "C". it was the best I could do on Saturdays at 8 am.

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