WRC-1000 Wireless Cable/DSL/Ethernet Router, 802.11b

CompUSA has this router for $29.99 and its sold out online.
But if you check instore inventory...it is available at most places
So I went the store and asked them to check the price of this and it showed a price of $59.99
Then I told them that, online it shows $29.99 and asked them to check online. They checked and told that its just an online deal. Then I asked them to enter the zip code and check... it showed that this router is available instore for $29.99......

Oops he gave me the router for $29.99....cool
I connected it at home and its working fine.....no hassles....
No mail in rebates or anything....just 29.99..and its cool....

If you like to have one..head to CompUSA.....soon!!!!