Here is the Office max ad for next week.. Will add sku's that are missing as soon as they become available.. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.


32 MB QuickDrive 2068-2904/2032-7399 $19.99-5.00IR-15MIR

Fellows CD Labeler Kit 0223-1098 $19.99-5.00IR-15MIR

3 Button USB mouse 023-4836/2019-1837 $5.99-.99IR-5.00MIR

Computer Keyboard (6 Sku’s) $4.50 - $15

Iconcepts retractable phone cord 2032-3302 $6.99-1.99IR-5.00MIR

Digital Concepts Memory Card Reader (4 Sku’s) $29.99-19.99IR-10MIR

Buy1, Get 1 Free

D-link Visual Stream PC Camera 2022-9423 $29.99ea

Cyber Acoustics Mono Headset 1426-5895 $12.99ea

Endust No-Streak Wipes 70 count 0221-4106 $6.99ea

Endust 3.5oz. Twin duster 2015-3058 $6.99ea.

Targus visor organizor 12 cd holder 2065-7424 $9.99ea
3M monitor clip 2034-6467 $5.99ea

Sale Items:

80GB WD drive for $49.99

RCA 80 Watt Stereo Shelf System $79.99

RCA 13” Color TV/VCR $79.99 after $70 rebates
20” Color TV $79.99 after $40 rebates
No Airborne…. Just an ad.