Hurry! Only a few hours left. Order the Sandisk 2GB SD card @ CC. There are three rebates this week. totaling $55.00. Go tomorrow or sometime after today and pickup your order. On 3/18, CC instore price will be $39.99. So you will automatically get the $30 difference back. Also, OM will have the same item for $29.99.

Remember order online before midnight tonight and go sometime 3/18 to 3/24 to pickup!
This method should be fool proof as the CC registers automatically give the lower instore price at time of pickup.

$69.99 - $30.00 instore PM difference = $39.99 minus $55.00 in rebates = -$15.01
Make an additional $11 with PM to OfficeMax YMMV.

Rebate program #'s PL0GQ, PL0GL, PL0GG all expire today and only require a copy of UPC. Go to and search because one of the $10 rebate does not appear on CC's site.

Thanks NoMoneyinMyWallet for some details

UPDATE: OD will have the same item for $24.99 tomorrow. I just got a copy of tomorrows CC ad. It's on the last page. It's actually $29.99 after $30 savings and $10 CC rebate. Nonetheless, tomorrows OTD price will be $39.99. So it might be hard to PM to OM. However, OD price is still lower than CC's after rebate price. $29.99 AR v. $24.99 NR @ Office Depot.