Hey Yall,

Now that Digital Cams are becoming the main stream and those Cams chew through batteries I was looking on the net today and came across a set of 2200mAH AA batteries. I have been reading the reviews from Imaging Resource and several other smaller places. I have never seen a set of 2200mAH batteries before. I ordered a set today and hope to have them before we leave for vacation. I have a set of NiMh batteries from Radio Shack, but the batteries hardly last 30 - 40 shots. Plus, the charger that came w/ the batteries is a 13 hour charger. This new set MH-C204F with 4 2200 mAH batteries came from http://www.thomas-distributing.com/. Plus, the package comes with a 4 battery holder, 12VDC card plug for auto charging, and a battery tester. The battery charger will work with NiMh or Nicad batteries and it is a smart rapid charger so it will not over charge the batteries and fry them. After shipping and such the total was around $45.00. Also if you order the charger package and you order more of the battery holders, for .99, they will take .50 off the shipping. Once I get the batteries and I am able to test them I will post the results here. I canít wait to get a set of batteries that actually last.