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Thread: Sound Card

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    Sound Card

    Ok, I just bought a video card.
    And now I need a cheap and good sound card
    Someone plz help.

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    A decent cheap sound card...

    CompUSA has run a special on one of their lines of sound cards twice now. The brand is MAD DOG , and the model is PREDATOR.

    The one I bought is a 6 channel job (5.1). It had a $20 rebate. I got it for either $9.99 or $19.99 - can't remember.

    The card is nicely made with good specs and all the features you'd expect. Installation went smooth on xP.

    I don't have a sub or center channel speaker to plug into the card so I can't comment on those features but the front and back speakers work well.

    It comes with a couple of games, a mixer, a jukebox, a "looper", and a DVD player(?).

    This Predator model has been replaced by the upgraded Blastwave model which is more expensive. The last time I was in CompUSA they were still on the shelves though. My guess is that they will rebate it again soon so keep a heads up.

    Here is a link to the MAD DOG website

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    Stick with Creative Labs...

    I always tell people to stick with Creative Labs true Sound Blaster, unless the sound card is built on the motherboard and is an AC'97 chipset!

    Here is a link to for a few of the cards at pretty good prices...

    Sound Blaster 16 PCI for $12.58

    Sound Blaster PCI 128 for $15.09

    Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 for $58.56

    I found the Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 OEM for $34.91 at NxGen

    I don't think it's worth going any higher than the Live! 5.1. The Extigy and Audigy are just way overpriced for a ton of features you'll never use! Hope this helps...
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