I guess I'll post a few since there seem to be a lot of deals on DVD burners today. I basically have any format and brand of drive that you want, so check them out and pick the one that's best for you.

Toshiba DVD-RW/CD-RW FireWire for $397
Free shipping on this one from ESBuy.com. Burning software for the PC is included in the package but the drive is Mac compatible, but it only has software for the PC. The drive burns DVD-R and DVD-RW at 1x, CD-R at 16x, and CD-RW at 10x.


Refurbished HP DVD200i DVD+RW/CD-RW EIDE for $170
The refurbished drive is $169.50 at ComputerGeeks.com. Shipping is $6. This drive burns DVD+R/W media at 2.4x, CD-R at 12x, and CD-RW at 10x. A 90-day HP refurbished warranty is included.


NEC ND-1100A DVD+RW/CD-RW EIDE for $163
Free shipping on this one also. Shop4tech.com has the drive for $162.99. This drive writes to DVD+R at 4x, DVD+RW at 2.4x, CD-R at 16x, and CD-RW at 10x.

http://www.shop4tech.com/user.htm?r=33&go=view_item&id=1341&cata=3&s_cata=2 8

Sony 4x DVD+RW/DVD-RW/CD-RW EIDE for $339
This is one of the Sony drives that burns all formats. Free shipping. It comes with burning software and two discs of media. This drive is also reported as being Mac compatible. Also note, the same drive is available in an external FireWire/USB 2.0 enclosure for $100 more.

External: http://www.esbuy.com/exusdwsdr.html

Pioneer DVR-105 EIDE for $195
Free shipping on this excellent drive also. This Pioneer drive is considered to be the finest DVD-R burner on the market. ESBuy.com is selling it for $195.49 with free shipping. If you want both PC and Mac burning software plus two pieces of media, add $20.