For those of you that need to get a mortgage (I certainly can't buy straight out with cash) The Fed is supposedly going to cut rates "for the last time" in the next few weeks. This might help interest rates for buyers by lowering them although the last few rate cuts did the opposite because the risk for lenders went up. But the thought is that a short time after the rate cut the market will improve and rates will start to drop initially due to the lower risk to the lenders after more people get loans.

But hey what do I know I'm only a rocket scientist who deals with logic and math every day and as we know economics is driven by consumer conjecture, ill informed predictions, and whim.

Oh and don't forget to vote in the upcoming elections because the president/government has such an effect on the price of gas, housing market, and price of goods. LOL:p

Apparently I'm cynical and sarcastic too!