There used to be an Office Depot in my state - Rhode Island -which went out of business. There seem to be so many good deals coming out OD. I wish I could run down there and get the items retail.

I never understood why they went bust either. Actually I do - no customers. It was uncanny, the store was always empty. Even when the Best Buy next door was so jammed that they needed a shoe horn to get another customer in.

They were in an excellent, high traffic location. Next to a Best Buy, Sport Authority, Sams, Barnes & Noble,...

They had high quality merchandise, definetly a better line of office products. The stores were appetizing and well stocked.

They ran a colorful Sunday flyer.

In short, they were doing everything right. They seem to succeed in other states so I wonder what happened here.

Too bad, now i must do mail order or drive to Mass/Conn.