I'm looking for a cheap but good quality case. This is not going to be a state-of-the-art set up. It is for a nephew who needs it for surfing,chat,email. He is not a gamer.

I searched under "case" in ResellersRatings and came up with a zillion case retailers. Am having fun going through them all.

I could just get the case with no power supply since I've got a couple in stock here.

I've got all the other parts so far, now I'm looking for a case. I found one at Tiger Direct for $42. Although I never heard of the brand, the image and specs seems ok. It has a nice blue faceplate, and front-side ports. It looks solid and high-tech.

Any TigerDirect coupons out there? Anyone ever bought from Tiger?

After the shipping though I could just go over to BestBuy/CompUSA and get an Antec for a similiar price.


I considered a black case. That would mean getting matching components. Black FDD's, CDR's,mice, keybords, are available at reasonable cost now. Other colors too for that matter. Tiger has several black cases.


There is some real junk out there too. Like the stuff from Genica.