Where can I find cheap movie tickets? I searched the internet and all I found was one website www.movietickets4less.com that will sell you a quantity of 20 tickets at $5.00 + $.50 processing fee per ticket. Thats a great price already since alot of movie tickets go for $9.00 (not including the matinee showing), but your limited to a couple of movie chains, AMC, Unite Artist etc. And these tickets are not allowed for special engagements.

I know there must be some movie tickets to be found somewhere, similar to www.movie-cash.com(good for most theaters and includes special engagements). On ebay, I see moviecash tickets in sets of 10 going anywhere from $43 to $56 routinely(I always get outbid by that aggrevating guy/sniper/jerk).

Why do I want to buy cheap movie tickets?
My wife asked me the same question. She said,"Since you haven't had enough money for soda and popcorn, you've been loosing wieght."

"The point is," I said,"do you really want big business to interfere with our right to gain weight.":o .It made sense at the time, but I digress.

Anyway, if you can help me find discounted, cheap, inexpensive movie tickets good for most theaters at a website or something, I would really appreciate it