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Free Astroglide Personal Lubricant

Posted: 08/31/17 09:33 am ( 10 months ago )
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L46 General
Free Astroglide Personal Lubricant

Astroglide is giving out a free sample of Astroglide personal lubricant.

1. Go to Astroglide's Form and fill out your info

2. They will send a link to your email address to confirm the order

3. That's it, it's completely free! You will receive it in 2-4 weeks

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glitterdog (L46 General) - 1 year ago
They now offer the Spark Hybrid product
Guest - 1 year ago
Butter? Which one? Unsalted, whipped, salted, 'can't believe itsnot butter', olive oil one, stick or the whole container??? Some folks miunderstand the phrase 'breakfast in bed'
glitterdog (L46 General) - 1 year ago
Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel sample now available

Request a Complimentary Astroglide Sample | Astroglide
glitterdog (L46 General) - 2 years ago
New Link available
Lookin' for a good time? | Astroglide

Click where it says “get some” to get the form. Please note you will need to confirm your email for this offer

Original Link below has a new option
Diamond Silicone Gel

Other samples still available are
Astroglide liquid
Astroglide Gel
Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel
Astroglide X Silicone Liquid
Astroglide Natural Liquid

Request a Complimentary Astroglide Sample | Astroglide
glitterdog (L46 General) - 3 years ago
Request a Complimentary Astroglide Sample | Astroglide

you can choose from Astroglide liquid, Astroglide Gel, Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel, Astroglide X Silicone Liquid, or Astroglide Natural Liquid.

They added a Diamond Silicone Gel product
Guest - 3 years ago
Butter? Have you seen the price lately?
Guest - 3 years ago
I prefer to use spit or butter.
Guest - 3 years ago
My girlfriend certainly doesn't need artificial lube, plenty already.
Purringlady (Freebie Hunting Tigress) - 3 years ago
Reply to barefooted

Just in time for V-day :heart:
catkenobie (L18 Captain) - 5 years ago


Your sample request will be processed and delivered in 4 - 6 weeks.
zwaldo (L6 Recruit) - 5 years ago
no need to sample. stuff works as intended but is really sticky feeling...I don't care for it.
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 5 years ago
You do have to enter your correct email address. They'll email you a link to confirm the order.
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 5 years ago
Seems to be working still.

All information will be used for mailing purposes only and will not be distributed to any outside organizations. Except maybe the paramedics if your free trial gets out of hand. One sample per household. Must be 18 years of age to receive sample.

Thank you! (now go check your email...)

We have sent a confirmation email to the address you submitted. Your sample request will not be processed until you click on the link and confirm this one last step.
Purringlady (Freebie Hunting Tigress) - 5 years ago
Reply to elvisaintdead

Now that's funny!! :teeth:
elvisaintdead (L9 Corporal) - 5 years ago
"Unable to communicate with validate service -- please try again later."

Sigh. (and not in a good way)
Jmcnair (L9 Corporal) - 5 years ago
Agreed with Purringlady... Thanks for the post!
Purringlady (Freebie Hunting Tigress) - 5 years ago
Always a popular freebie! :knuddel: :love: :kiss:

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